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If you are undecided about your college major/future career, check out  SCC's career services. Most colleges and universities offer this service to help you figure it out.  Career counselors are available to assist you develop greater self-awareness through assessment, identifying and evaluating opportunities and in exploring career styles and trends.

Assessments can be helpful to identify your interests, values and activities. When interpreting the results of the assessment, the career counselor will explore a list of careers that you may be interested in pursuing based upon how you answered the questions.  The process is to help you identify careers and college majors that will be a good fit and that you will enjoy.

For information about St. Charles Community College’s career services, visit www.stchas.edu/careers.

If you would like to take an assessment on your own, FOCUS is a free tool you can use.  Go to Focus Assessment and use the access code: Cougars

Another great resource as you explore what majors/careers are right for you can be found at https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/explore-careers


To job shadow real jobs online, click here: http://www.jobshadow.com/job-titles/



Career paths


Missouri has identified six career paths as a way to help students become aware of and explore careers in a logical and meaningful way.  They are:


For more information about career paths, go to


Another great resource as you explore what majors/careers are right for you can be found at:

Job/internship opportunities


While education is important to future employers, having practical experience can really help you land that dream job upon graduation from college.  Finding a part-time job/internship in the field you are studying can help you:

Most colleges and universities offer job search assistance through their career services. Career counselors are available to help you in various phases of your job search including:

Be sure to use this valuable resource while attending college.

For information about St. Charles Community College’s career services, go to www.stchas.edu/careers/

St. Charles Community College utilizes a free online job posting program, College Central Network. This is a great way to connect students and recent graduates with job/internship possibilities. Check it out at: ​www.collegecentral.com/stchas

Soft skill development


To get and keep a job, typically you need skills, education and training.  Beyond the technical skills, though, are the soft skills that matter.  Employers tell us that possessing those skills are what make an employee an exceptional one. While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come.

What are soft skills?


These skills help you develop interpersonal and relationship-building skills which in turn help you communicate and collaborate more effectively. How do you develop soft skills?

Practice!  Practice!  Practice!

  1. Get a job or internship.  Being exposed to the world of work will enable you to watch people in the field who are successful. Chances are those are the folks who are kind, inclusive and genuine. They are the ones who managers and co-workers can count on to get the job done.  Mirror their behavior in your own work and interactions with people.
  2. Think about a positive interaction with a sales clerk. Chances are he or she were friendly and made you feel important and welcome.  He probably made eye-contact and smiled. Again, mirror that behavior when you interact with people. By practicing, you will soon develop those skills naturally, without thinking about it. 
  3. Join a club or organization. Volunteer your time.  Perhaps even offer to take on a leadership role. These experiences will help you improve positive communication skills.
  4. Recognize the importance of being on time for work. An employer needs to be able to count on you. Having trouble in this area?  Prepare the night before by having your clothes ready, lunch made and car keys where you can find them. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier to make sure you get to work on time. 

The Career Services Department at St. Charles Community College realizes the importance of helping students develop soft skills.  Each year they host the “Panache That Pays” etiquette luncheon.  Maria Everding, “St. Louis’ Miss Manners” presents an interactive and fun workshop where students learn those valuable “soft skills” that can help them land and keep that dream job.  For more information about Maria’s program, visit:  www.theetiquetteinstitute.com.




Hot jobs


​What are the hot jobs today and of the future? The state of Missouri developed a publication that addresses this question. 
Check out:


Education pays


​More education leads to higher earnings, lower unemployment 

Learn more, earn more — and avoid unemployment. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) consistently show that with increased education, median earnings rise and average rates of unemployment fall.

Completing an educational program demonstrates qualities – such as initiative, willingness to learn and organizational ability – that employers value.

Source:  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics​