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What is a community college?

Community colleges are teaching institutions that offer accessible, affordable, high-quality education and a wide range of educational programs, including:  associate degrees (two-year degrees that may transfer to universities), career-technical programs, job-training programs and noncredit continuing education.


Are community colleges accredited?

Community colleges are accredited by the same agencies that accredit four-year colleges and universities. Credits earned at a community college are generally transferable to four-year institutions.


Is financial aid available for community college students?

Yes. Community colleges have financial aid offices that can assist you with the financial aid process.


What is the cost of attending a community college?

The average community college tuition and fees are less than half those at public four-year colleges and universities and one-tenth those at private four-year colleges and universities.


Can I go to a community college if I want a bachelor’s degree?

Of course, you can! Students who transfer to four-year colleges and universities after attending community colleges are just as likely to earn bachelor’s degrees as those who start at four-year institutions.

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