Preparing for college classes

When you attend college, you likely will be placed into your college English and math classes based on assessment scores or ACT scores.
Not all college classes are college-level. If your skills in English and math are not at college level, you may be required to take developmental classes to build your skills.

​Most colleges use assessment scores to place you into English and math. All colleges are different in regard to their cutoff scores for placement levels. At SCC, if you took the ACT test and received an 18 in reading, an 18 in English and a 23 in math, you will not have to take those assessment tests. If you are required to take the assessment tests, there is information on the college’s website with tips on how to take those assessments.

Visit SCC’s assessment page:

​Prep classes

​Many colleges offer preparatory classes for the ACT test. Preparatory classes help you prepare for the different sections of the test and discover which areas you need to improve on. Preparing for the ACT is not like studying for an exam in high school. But good study habits will help you in your preparation for the ACT test.  Learn about SCC’s ACT prep classes:


To prepare for the college’s assessments you can go to the college’s website for more information. SCC offers a college preparatory math class to help you prepare for the math assessment. This is offered through SCC Continuing Education and is not a college credit course. There is a fee for this course. Additionally, you may utilize SCC’s ACE Tutoring Center to help prepare for the assessments even before you are enrolled. There is no charge for using the ACE Tutoring Center.

Most students in the Midwest take the ACT test. But some schools require the SAT test. If you are planning to apply to schools outside of the Midwest, make sure you check their requirements. 


Students take the ACT or SAT test their junior year of high school. It is quite common to take the ACT or SAT more than once to try to improve your scores. You can use your ACT or SAT scores to help you determine where you have some areas of deficit in your academic abilities. Then you can take classes in hight school or obtain help through tutoring to build those skills.


At SCC, if you took the ACT test and received an 18 in reading, an 18 in English and a 23 in math, you will not have to take assessment tests. It is possible to meet the cutoff scores in one area (e.g., English) but not the other areas (e.g., math and reading). If this is the case, you will only be required to take the assessments for the areas in which you did not meet the minimum ACT scores. Meeting the minimum ACT scores does not mean that you “test out” of the courses, but that you will be able to take the college-level course in that subject area (e.g. English Composition I or College Algebra). If you meet the minimum score for reading, you will not be required to take a reading class.

Developmental courses:
Most colleges offer developmental courses, which are not college-level and do not give college credit. Developmental courses help students improve their skills so they can move on to the college-level courses.

SCC, offers developmental courses in English, reading and math. You must succeed in the developmental courses to move on to the college- level course. If you are placed into a developmental course, you will be required to take that course. Some students will need developmental courses for English, reading, and math. In that instance, you will be placed into “success semester.” Success semester is designed to help you succeed in your classes by limiting the type of classes you may choose. Since your writing, reading and math skills are not yet at college-level, you will only be able to take classes that do not require those levels of skills.

Enrichment services

​Many colleges offer enrichment courses for students who are home-schooled. At SCC, Continuing Education offers a wide variety
of enrichment courses for home-schooled students. 

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